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NCL has significant specialist experience in the energy industry and provides customised, cost-effective advisory services to both government and private organisations under different forms of power regulation.


Drawing on international experience and decades of capability, NCL understands the unique balance between price and quality throughout the process of setting rates and in regulation enforcement. NCL utilises experts with proven track record in their fields of specialisation in order to provide the highest quality solutions.


In supporting transmission and distribution utilities, NCL provides customised services with the objective of improving the utility’s network performance and financial standing which will in turn benefit customers and stakeholders alike. This also includes services related to all disciplines of electrical engineering.


NCL can assist in evaluating opportunities for lenders, developers and government organisations in order to meet the objective of identifying whether a project is commercially feasible. Beyond the project completion stage, NCL offers different services in order to meet the requirements to save costs and increase efficiency.


NCL has strong advisory services capability and has achieved significant success in numerous projects. NCL’s business provides quality advice and encompasses the services of engineering and commercial analysis. We have a proven track record in the power industry and have extensive experience in jurisdictions including New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Africa. On this page we are proud to present a few of our completed projects as proof of our commitment to your success.

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From our extensive experience in power industries across the globe, we have identified the need for constant improvements in the management of assets, processes and information. From this need, our solutions were created to assist small to large utilities to attain efficiency across all aspects of their business. Among the solutions we have developed are the Asset Management Solution, Customer and Meter Management Solution, and Network Monitoring and Management Solution. The solutions specifically target the three main pillars in a utility’s business which are assets, staff, and customers. We recognise the value of efficient utility management and through our solutions we can assist you to attain your company’s goals.


In any business, the asset base of the company plays a very significant role in that it is the basis of the value of the company, and consequently for regulated utilities, the basis of the rates charged to customers. Thus, having a comprehensive and accurate record of the company’s assets is a first step to a profitable business. The Asset Management Solution was developed to assist our clients in the capturing and management of asset information. It however does


At NCL, we value our relationship with our clients and this has inspired us to develop the Customer and Meter Management Solution, established to ultimately improve the efficiency of our clients’ customer related work processes. The Customer and Meter Management Solution will assist our clients in their customer enumeration exercise; in the efficient management of their customers, customer information, and staff; and in their meter reading processes. As a result, customer service will be better, staff efficiency will increase, and


Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems have been proven everywhere in the world as an essential business tool to monitor and manage assets. However, due to the high cost of SCADA systems, it has become challenging for utilities to afford full automation through such systems. Thus the Network Monitoring and Management Solution was developed by our engineers and information technology specialists to specifically address the needs of our client in a very cost effective and efficient manner. With the


We have a dedicated team that works across different global locations enabling us to provide specialised services to our clients wherever they are in the world. Click through our Employee Spotlights to learn more about the key members of our team.

Pieter Nel
Strategic Consulting, Utility Management
Pieter is an Electrical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the power industry. He mainly specialises in providing innovative professional advice and solutions to improve performance, enhance return on investment and enable more informed decision making. Pieter is actively involved in providing consultancy services to energy regulators as well as regulated entities in different jurisdictions. This includes managing several major transmission and distribution projects as well as projects involving due diligence, financial modelling, asset valuation and asset assessment, necessary for privatisation. Pieter also has extensive utility management experience with particular focus on strategy development and the reduction of technical and non-technical losses of the utility.
Kris Tampinco-Binwag
Strategic Consulting, Management Engineering
Kris is an Industrial Engineer and also holds a Master of Science degree in Management Engineering, graduating cum laude. She has over 15 years of power industry experience and has project experiences in countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Nigeria and the Philippines. She specialises in the assessment of systems, processes, assets and work programs for regulators, generation, transmission and distribution utilities. Kris has undertaken various projects for power regulators in different jurisdictions in the Asia- Pacific. She has also been working closely with utilities in the areas of asset management and developing prudent and cost efficient capital and operational expenditure programs.
Yen-Shong Chiao
Electricity Markets, Economics
Dr Chiao is an Economist with a Master of Science Degree in Resource Economics and a Doctorate Degree in Agricultural Economics. He has over 15 years of experience in the power industry and is an expert on design, implementation and operation of electricity markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Dr Chiao has played key roles in the restructuring of several power industries including New Zealand and China and in the evolution of electricity markets such as Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore. Dr Chiao also applies his market design and operation expertise to generation investment projects in the Asia-Pacific region of which a key area is the implementation of IPP PPAs in the spot market and assessing risks of merchant plants under different market environments.
Froilan Tampinco
Asset Acquisition, Privatisation, Generation, Renewable Energy
Froilan is a licensed Chemical Engineer with over 50 years of experience including 38 years in the power industry. He holds a Master of Science degree from the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium and also from the Asian Institute of Management. He has held key roles in the government including leading the privatisation of almost 70% of the Philippines' generation and transmission assets and pioneered electricity trading. He was also President and CEO of the National Power Corporation and during his term introduced strategic, administrative and financial reforms that brought about a turn-around from a net loss of 7.2 billion to a net gain of 1.5 billion. Froilan also pioneered the development of generation assets utilizing renewable energy resources available in the off grid areas of the Philippines.
Chris Oosthyse
Energy Management, SCADA
Chris has a degree in Electronic Engineering and an Honours degree in Electrical Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer of the Engineering Council of South Africa with over 20 years of power industry experience speciliasing in SCADA / TeleControl Systems, Energy Management Systems (EMS & DMS systems), Power System Protection, Energy Metering, TeleCommunication solutions and GPS based timing solutions for power utilities. Chris has successfully executed a number of engineering projects and contracted to various large engineering firms and consulting groups where he conducted projects throughout Southern Africa, Middle East, China and Europe.
Justin Mapili
Information Techonology, Software Engineering
Justin has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology and is responsible for the development of NCL’s software products. He is a full-stack software developer who specialises in mobile development using the Android platform. He is also actively involved in project implementation where NCL’s software products are utilised which includes providing training on the use of smartphones/tablets for data capturing, and for data management and validation.

NCL unites the engineering and commercial capability and experience of leading experts across the globe in order to provide economic and specialist technical services in an integrated package. We have developed strong partnerships with both organisations and independent experts over the years.


Our objective is to build a partnership around your specific needs. With this kind of relationship in place, we can effectively put our expertise and experience in creating customised services for you. Contact us today to allow us to share our passion for finding the best solutions to your specific needs.

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